What We Do

Based in Kenya, Mshikamano Trust is a non-profit making organisation that brings together leading eastern Africa experts to implement tasks in research, peacebuilding, conflict sensitivity and development, child protection, disability access, gender equality and the prevention of violent extremism. These broad themes take into account cross cutting themes such as gender, adolescents, youth and environment.


We work on four service areas, early warning and prevention, training and capacity development, strategic planning, applied research and evaluation

Early warning and prevention – our work seeks to increase individual and institutional capabilities in early warning for effective prevention measures to violent conflict, social, economic and political and environmental problems. Our work involves process design and training.

Training and capacity development  – our  trainings are tailored to the needs of clients and with contents that are specific to their contexts.  our experts have over the years developed several training modules on peacebuilding, conflict prevention, management and resolution,  collaborative leadership and governance, public safety, gender equality, and prevention of violent extremism.

Strategic planning – we guide public and private institutions in the development of strategies which respond to context specific security risks and challenges. The strategies  are linked to international and regional normative frameworks and help institutions to align their operations to guiding principles and specifications on which increase conflict sensitivity

Applied research and evaluation  – our research approach does not only focus on production of knowledge but seek to answer questions in real world and to offer practical solutions to problems. These include but not limited to action learning and appreciative inquiry. These approaches have enabled us to become practitioner evaluators. Our evaluation approaches are strategic and proactive.

In 2013 in Nairobi, Mshikamano brought together people involved in peacebuilding work throughout Kenya and academicians from Coventry University, UK and University of Nairobi to a conference which reflected on peacebuilding by academics and practitioners. The conference was highly successful in bringing together academics, policy-makers, and peacebuilding practitioners to share experiences and lessons learned in the management of community and ethnic conflict and the development of effective peace-building initiatives.

Watch out for a publication which has been done as collaboration between the Mshikamano, University of Nairobi and Coventry University.

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