Welcome To Mshikamano Trust


Mshikamano is a registered Trust in Kenya with coordination office in Nairobi.

In Kiswahili, Mshikamano means ‘solidarity’. Mshikamano also denotes a social relation built in respect and trust. Mshikamano is therefore a call for peace, cohesion and reconciliation.

At Mshikamano we envision a world where individuals and communities continuously pursue human security embedded in conflict transformation and crime prevention.

Mshikamano recognizes that conflict is an inseparable part of human interaction. When addressed effectively, it can lead to peaceful and positive change. Mshikamano helps individuals, groups and institutions transform potentially violent conflicts by helping people develop skills, attitudes and practices which improve and sustain non violent relationships.

Who we are

History, Mission and Guiding Principles

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What We Do

Programs and Consultancy Services

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Contact Us to learn more about us and our service. We will be happy to assist you.

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This is my testimony. Thanks to Mshikamano Trust.  – John Doe

This is my testimony. Thanks to Mshikamano Trust.  – John Doe

This is my testimony. Thanks to Mshikamano

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Trust.  – Jane Doe

This is my testimony. Thanks to Mshikamano Trust.  – Jane Doe

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Our Location

Visit our offices at Trance Towers, Ground Floor, Office 1, Tsavo Road, P. O. Box 10243-00400, Nairobi, Kenya

Open Hours : 0800hrs – 1700hrs


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Contact us on: +254 726 543 989

+254 774 543 989

Email: info@mshikamano.org